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Your Girl Squad Will Rock in These Fantastic Colors on Your Wedding Day!

One of the most important things which, as a bride, you have to decide is to pick a particular color for your gang of divas. After all, they are responsible for adding the glam quotient to your big day! 2016 has witnessed comebacks of a few colors as well as there are a few which has been there in the “wedding color palette” for years at a stretch now.

red bridesmaid dresses

Go through this blog to know some of the most trending hues. Take a look.

  • The freshest hint of green is here to stay for some time now – The first hue which I am going to talk about is all about freshness! Mint is the color of the moment. And it has made a great impact in terms of wedding themes and bridesmaids’ dresses. There is something very serene about this color and goes extremely well if it is a spring or summer wedding. If you are having a beach wedding, then ask your girls to sport floral jewelry along with flowing gowns of this shade. As far as the wedding theme color is concerned, peach goes extremely well with mint green, so you can imbibe that into the decor. So if your girls are wearing mint green dresses, then they can wear accessories of peach color.
  • Bold and warm, red can never go out of style – The second color which I am going to mention here is the color of love, passion, and warmth. Yes, I am talking about the color, red. And you know the best part about choosing this color for your stunning girls? It is a timeless color and is available in various kinds of shades. So, if you have chosen this color, you can ask them to get any shade of their choice. There is a myriad of red shades available like fire, mahogany, brick, rose, cherry, wine, berry, etc. From the bold scarlet to the shy blush, your girls can pick Red bridesmaid dresses according to their preferences. Coming to the theme, red and white is an amazing combination and has never gone out of style.
  • Dip into the fabulous world of coral – This poppy shade is all about happiness and positive vibes! Fashionistas are in love with this color and the fashion world has accepted this color with its arms wide open. Ask your bridesmaids to work with the shoulder area and keep the length of the dresses short if they are okay with this vibrant and happy hue. You will get various manufacturers who keep coral dresses of various fabrics and patterns. Great for summer and autumn weddings, coral goes hand in hand with sober shades of grey or teal.
  • Rejuvenating shades of aqua to steal the show! – A shade of blue which has not made explored much in the world of wedding and bridesmaid dresses is the color aqua. Be it a strapless ankle length gown or a simple tea length gown with a sweetheart neckline, aqua is again a color which is refreshing and soothing. If this is the main color of your wedding theme, work it up with shades of red. Cherry red looks amazing with aqua. Cake, table cloth, decoration-so much to work on, so don’t delay and start planning.
  • Splashing in shades of purple – Purple, a joyful shade is great for bridesmaid dresses. Ask them if they are okay with this bright shade and ask them to go for strapless purple gowns. As you will walk down the aisle in white, your girl’s squad will look perfect in this beautiful hue. Pink, peacock green, gold, and turquoise goes great with this color so imbibe that in your wedding color theme.

So, don’t delay and talk about these colors with your gang of girls. Once they all approve and pick a color, contact a reputed manufacturer for purple, aqua, coral or Red bridesmaid dresses.